Custom Wafer Dicing Services

MPE, Inc. takes pride in being a detail-oriented and innovative wafer dicing service provider. We are committed to providing superior customer service, while utilizing advanced technology and processes. This allows us to decrease the costs to our customers and increase the quality of their product. Each wafer will be diced with specially customized parameters to minimize yield loss. We utilize Loadpoint dicing saws, which have Windows based operating systems, allowing us to easily use techniques such as multi-pass cuts, ramp up table/ feed rates, and plunge cuts. We also keep in stock a variety of blade types, which allow us to process different materials and thicknesses while maintaining cut quality.

We can process any sized order, no matter how large or small. We have experience working with virtually every type of material in the industry, including Alumina, BGA's, Calcite, Ferrite, Fused Silica, Glass, Germanium, Gold, Lexan, PZT, Sapphire, SOI, and Silicon wafers. We have high pressure wash stations that allow us to effectively clean wafers after the dicing process. We also utilize multiple tape vendors to meet our customers’ specifications and our UV exposure capability allows us to cure tape prior to shipping. We also have processes in place to help with staining and undesirable metal plating caused by galvanic erosion or corrosion.


The following are our wafer dicing capabilities:

  • Process any wafer size up to 300mm; 0.050mm – 10mm thickness; kerf width as thin as 0.020mm
  • Process material with ticknesses from 0.050mm – 10mm
  • Kerf widths as thin as 0.020mm
  • Produce beveled/ chamfered cuts with customer defined angles
  • Dice bumped and non-bumped wafers
  • Process trench cuts, entry cuts, plunge cuts, curved cuts, and straight cuts
  • Expand dicing film after dicing
  • Use either grip rings or film frames
  • We can use DI water or re-ionized DI water
  • We work to have your project turned around as quickly as possible and can process your order with a one day turnaround, if necessary

We have the following ESD preventions in place:

  • Wrist Straps
  • Anti-static mats
  • Ion generators
  • ESD dicing film
  • Re-ionized DI water
  • Low-resistivity dicing solution that is especially suitable for static-sensitive devices
  • Ionized air guns

For any additional questions about our wafer resizing services, please call us at 1-877-MPE-DICE.